Privacy & Cookie Policy

About our privacy policy...

Thank you for taking the time to read our privacy policy, aimed to protect and inform you, to the best we can, as your Property agent.

This document will detail the following; what information we collect on you, how we use this data, how we share and how we store your data. We will also detail out to you how you can allow us to use and share your data.

This document is owned and used solely by Aroha Properties of 5 Newerne Street, Lydney, Gloucestershire, GL15 5RA.

Why should you read this document?
Whilst you use Aroha Properties as a landlord, tenant, vendor or purchaser we will need to gather personal (sometimes sensitive) date about you. This is used to provide the best service we can. Reading this document is important as it will help you understand what we do and how we use your personal data, it will also give you a clearer understanding on the rights you have on your personal data that we use.

What do we mean by Your Personal Data?
Personal data is simply data which directly or indirectly relates to YOU. Your Personal Data may relate to you directly, this could be your name, DOB or even your national insurance number. Your personal data also can relate to you in an indirect way, this could mean doctors notes or employment status and position, all of the above relate to YOU meaning it is your PERSONAL DATA.

To help us as Property agents do our job there are a multitude of both direct and indirect elements of your personal data which we collect....

  • Critical for ID and basic communication- Name, DOB, contact information, address and even your marital status
  • Important for both tenant and purchaser checks- Employment status and salary, this could also include any bonuses which you get from your position
  • Important for both landlord and vendor processes- Bank information is the main source of data we need for this, especially when rents are involved
  • Any pre-existing agreements you may have in place with other professional bodies, this could mean landlord or vendor agreements. This could also even mean any current tenancies you are named on as a tenant

How do we collect your data?
Now, there are two primary ways in which we can collect or receive your personal data.

  • Data you directly give to us- The main way in which we collect data on you, is from you directly. You can either give us information by filling in forms online, paper forms, email, social media, over the phone or through face to face contact.
  • Information we receive from third parties- As a Property agent we use advertisement portals to give our customers the best possible service. We receive information from these property portals, mainly Rightmove, Zoopla and our website, from what you have done. This usually includes property search criteria and specific requirements.

We use both methods to produce a personal data file on you. However, there are other ways in which we use your personal data, and these are all done for a range of specific purposes.

How do we use your personal data?

  • Providing a service for you- We have to use your personal data to provide you with services that we deliver. This is across all client types and the services we provide can range from creating a contract with your personal data, or fully managing a property and the bills associated to it. This is the main way in which we use your personal data, to provide you with a service we have previously promised to deliver.
  • Experience enhancement and marketing- Another way your data is used is to make the process of being either a tenant, landlord, vendor or purchaser as smooth as possible. This mainly means giving your data to a third party who is also there to provide you with a service. Examples of these may be utility companies, reference companies, contractors, and solicitors.
  • Updates and improvements- The final way your data is used to is to give you information on updates and improvements. We would simply use your direct information to contact you with any service changes we have or any positive or law-based updates happening. For example, this could be EPC regulation changes for landlords or a new sales package for vendors.

The legal ways in which we allowed to use your data in those ways are usually one of the following...

  • Legitimate interests- It is in our legitimate interest to use your personal data to keep you updated on service changes, operate our website and social media platforms effectively and to make sure our systems are safe and suitable for use
  • Performance of a contract- We need to use and process your data to enter a contractual obligation with you. This could range from a tenancy agreement, landlord agreement or vendor agreement. We also need to process your data pre-contract to actually enter and create a legally binding contract
  • Consent- This is essentially you giving us permission directly to use and process your personal data. If at any point you would like to withdraw your consent you can, either by calling us on 01594 368200 or emailing us at
  • Legal processes- At some point we will need to process some of your personal data to comply with the law, this could mean sharing your personal data when we are audited as a company

Sharing your personal data to a third party...
During your time as a client with us we have may to share your personal data with a range of other people and third parties.

  • Other landlords, tenants, vendors and purchasers- This applies when we need to give information to one of these parties if they have requested or they need this information. This could mean on a let only property the landlord wishes to know their tenants name and contact information. This means they can get in touch with them with regards to their legal obligations (such as setting up a gas safety or maintenance requests).

NOTE: If any of these parties, which the data has been shared to, are a business, they will also become a data controller and processor, meaning their privacy policy and data rules will apply.

  • Utility suppliers, business associates or maintenance subcontractors- At some point, during either a tenancy or sale process, we will have to share your data with one of the above. A utility supplier may be given a tenants direct personal data to try and set up there electric and gas supply prior to move in. A vendors or purchasers personal data may be shared between estate agents on a multi-agency coverage sale, or simply in a chain purchase. Subcontractors could be given a tenants direct personal data when needing to contact them to set up works which have been prior requested by the tenant.

At some point we may need to share your personal data to a legal body, upon request. This relates to the legal processes section of how we legally use your data.

Storing your personal data...
We store your data in two ways and two ways only. On a password protected computer and filing safely locked away in a lockable filing cabinet. This is to ensure that all personal data we gain on you is kept confidential.

The data stored on our password protected computer will be stored is the European Economic Area or the "EEA".

We will keep your personal data on file for as long as we feel is appropriate and necessary. We may keep some of personal data for longer periods than others, this could be down to the possibility of repeat business and the same personal data will be needed again and again. Other essential purposes why we keep your data could be; complying with out legal obligation, resolving any ongoing or future disputes and making sure our policies are informed correctly.

Your rights
You have to right to tell us to remove any personal data (right to erasure) when you feel it appropriate. You also have the right to access any personal data you wish through our system login. UK Law also gives you the right to restrict or receive a machine-readable copy of your personal information. You can trigger any of these rights by contacting us at the address stated above, on 01594 368200 or on

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Company Complaints Procedure

1. Christina Mills (Aroha Lettings Ltd) are a member of The Property Ombudsman and aim to provide a high standard service to all of clients and customers. To ensure your best interest is safeguarded, a complaints procedure has been introduced. This provides for the matter to be dealt with internally by Miss Christina Mills the company Managing Director and in event that we are unable to deal with the issue in a mutual satisfaction, by the reference to The Property Ombudsman.

2. If you believe you have a complaint, please write in the first instance to the company directors at the address provided below.

Mr Robert Temblett and/or Miss Christina Mills
Aroha Properties at 5 Newerne Street, Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 5RA

3. Your complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours but no longer than 3 working days. We will investigate your compliant thoroughly in accordance with our established in-house procedures and a formal written reply will be sent to you within 15 working days of receipt of your complaint.

4. In event that the final viewpoint letter still fails to satisfy your complaint, then you are at liberty to have the matter referred to The Property Ombudsman. We will submit our company file to The Ombudsman on request. You are also entitled to have your complaint referred to the Ombudsman should you fail to deal with matters promptly or do not comply with out in-house complaints procedure within 8 weeks from the date we receive your written notification.